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Leasing: What is it? - Serval Financial Group

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Serval Financial Group specializes in equipment financing through leasing. Our network of trusted financial partners offers simple and effective solutions. With just a few clicks, get credit approval to finance your essential equipment.

Equipment financing with leasing.

Leasing is a form of financing that allows you to rent a good or service with an option to purchase at the end of the contract. This method promotes quick accessibility to equipment for businesses, without complications.

Advantages of leasing:
  • Efficiency, financial accessibility, and speed.
  • Preservation of the company’s capital (Sales taxes applied to monthly lease payments).
  • Prevention of equipment obsolescence.
  • Potential tax benefits.
Leasing financing options

At Serval Financial Group, we offer two main types of leasing financing:

  1. Lease with a predefined purchase option.
  2. Lease without a predefined purchase option.

The duration of these contracts typically ranges from 1 to 7 years, depending on the equipment’s lifespan and the company’s financing capacity. At the end of the lease, buyers have several options, including purchasing the equipment, returning it, or replacing it.


End-of-contract options

At the end of the contract, the following options are available to you:

  • Pay a fixed amount at maturity.
  • Pay a percentage of the initial equipment cost.
  • Pay the actual value of the equipment.
  • Replace or return the equipment.
Serval Financial Group

Since 1998, we have been offering leasing financing services to facilitate equipment acquisition. You provide us with your list of equipment, whether new or used, choose your supplier, and we take care of the financing.

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